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More effective actions: from 3 campaigns to managing more than 2000 opportunities per day
Optimize resources: only 1/2 person needed to manage the 2000 opportunities, versus 6 people to manage the 3 campaigns
Cost savings: from $5 million a year for anti-churn operations to $400,000 a year
Increased sales: 3.7% additional revenue generated compared to a traditional approach

The problem

How do I switch from mass marketing to a one-to-one customer relationship?

The concerns

Make decisions more rational by starting from the client and the data
Leverage customer knowledge, industrialize and arbitrate under constraints
Optimize marketing actions: more targeted, more relevant
Improve productivity and refocus teams toward greater value
Decrease marketing costs

The Context

This quadruple-play telecommunications operator, the leader in the Canadian market with more than 4 million customers, wants to move from an aggressive strategy focused on acquisition to a strategy more in line with its position as market leader.

The Solution


D-FoX eXtended® lets you answer the 4 relevant questions (or key questions) of ultra-personalization every day:
1. Do I have an objective reason to interact with this customer?
2. What should I talk to them about?
3. Via which channel?
4. With which promotional investment?

The role of marketing teams is changing dramatically. Instead of creating campaigns and then calculating targets, they can now put thousands of opportunities into D-FoXX®.

The business objectives and constraints of the operator are naturally taken into account by D-FoXX®.

The D-FoXX® algorithms decide the opportunities presented per channel for each client.

Each consumer receives much more relevant communication.

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