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  • More effective actions: from 3 campaigns to arbitrage of more than 2000 opportunities per day
  • Increased turnover: 3.7% additional revenue generated compared to a traditional approach
  • Resource optimization: only 1/2 person needed to manage the 2000 opportunities, versus 6 people to manage the 3 campaigns
  • Cost savings: from $5 million a year for anti-churn operations down to $400,000 a year


How can we industrialize ultra-personalization using client knowledge?


  • Enrich client knowledge to arbitrate under constraints
  • Industrialize and automate marketing processes
  • Optimize marketing actions so they are more targeted, more relevant
  • Manage churn while reducing retention costs


This telecommunications operator, market leader in Quebec with 4 million customers, wants to move from a market share acquisition strategy to one of customer experience development and enrichment.




For more than 5 years, D-AIM has provided the brand with a multidisciplinary team – data scientist, analytical expert, business expert – to support it in its marketing strategy. Our 360° insight into their business and data ecosystem promotes strong synergy between the group’s entities.

Building client knowledge

We create an array of scores – upsell, cross-sell, churn, attraction to sales, etc. – used across all business lines and all marketing situations.

Several segmentations are devised – potential/value, uses of all products, tolerance to solicitation, performance channel, etc.

These allow the brand to define a typology of TV and VOD content consumption profiles and identify levers for improving the customer experience.

Data-driven marketing support

D-AIM supports teams on various topics: optimizing campaigns, setting up relationship marketing action plans and ultra-targeted micro-campaigns, change management and impact, future marketing strategy, etc. An D-AIM expert data scientist proposes and designs KPIs on commercial requests for TV content.

D-AIM uses a customer value estimating tool that determines discount via a score that calculates a personalized amount for each customer situation. Because it is automated and accessible to the marketing department, the tool makes it possible to control the cost of retention and allocate financial effort to the most relevant cases.

One-to-one marketing

D-AIM deploys the D-FoX® tool to the operator. Fed by customer knowledge – segmentation, scores, etc. – this arbitrage engine makes it possible to prioritize the opportunities and communication channels for each customer in order to offer them the best possible experience.

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