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+ 2.9% additional data users on average
+ 3.4% incremental data revenue


How do I boost growth by increasing data usage and customer engagement over time?


Increase the mobile user data pool
Develop and educate weak or new data customers and boost use
Retain the most experienced data customers


This mobile operator in a large African market offers 4G voice and data services to more than 8 million customers. In a market defined by strong competition, high-speed mobile internet and digital are a strong growth opportunity for operators.



Data-centric D-Insight enables more than 500 intelligent indicators of customer knowledge to be built. Supplemented by the data already available, this tool provides a holistic vision of the customer; their interests, type, times and regularity of use, etc. are combined endlessly to create as many relevant targets as necessary.

Based on a unique algorithm for detecting and identifying numbers for the competition, the Dual SIM® solution calculates the remaining conquest potential of each customer.

The Communities & Roles® solution complements this vision by placing each client in their relationship environment.

D-Predict® manages real-time predictive self-learning scores. The needs, rates, interests, behaviors and churn for each customer are modeled. 

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