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An uplift of 6.7% of the average revenue per customer (ARPU)

25% decrease in attrition rate (churn rate)


How can I identify at-risk customers very early on?


Identify weak signals so as to anticipate customer inactivity
Predict all churn scenarios through dozens of predictive scores
Increase reachability before the dormant phase


This mobile operator in a large African market offers 4G voice and data services to more than 8 million customers. In a fiercely competitive market, loyalty remains one of the most strategic aspects of the CVM.



D-Predict® manages dozens of churn predictive scores that identify warning triggers.

This approach, made possible by the scalability of D-Predict®, anticipates churn much earlier than traditional approaches.

Marketing adapts: It is no longer a matter of reacting to an undifferentiated churn risk, but of providing a response for each of the weak signals.

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