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  • Gain a reliable, centralized database
  • Increase efficiency in operational marketing practices
  • 50% increase in conversion rate while reducing outgoing calls by 10%
  • 8% increase in reachability rate by rescheduling 12% of calls
  • Greater daily tranquility for teams


How should they optimize their PRM/CRM strategy to better convert their prospects and develop a qualitative personalized customer relationship with a view to retention and loyalty?


  • Build a 360° vision of the prospect and the client from management and web browsing data
  • Increase sales efficiency by optimally sorting the array of sales opportunities
  • Achieve efficiency in one’s marketing efforts
  • Increase the skills of the data and marketing teams and develop a culture of data and predictive marketing


This leader in multi-brand automotive distribution manages more than 30 brands and 24 branches. The chain receives a steady stream of prospects from its website and who are then contacted by call centers.



D-AIM provided this client with a multidisciplinary team (data scientist and marketing expert) led by a project manager specializing in digital retail and client knowledge. D-AIM’s tasks ranged from business and methodology consulting to in-house team management to technical achievements.

Unified and enriched client knowledge

We are building a unified database that will serve as the foundation of the brand’s data-driven strategy. Client knowledge enriched by segmentation allows for better efficiency in marketing actions, especially thanks to our tools D-Target® (targeting and extraction) and D-Campaign® (collating, sorting, and mailing for campaigns) available to the client.

Predictive marketing

Our expert data scientists, supervised by a marketing and modeling expert, built self-learning predictive models, then taught the teams how to combine and use the 3 scores thus set up:

• The conversion score predicts the reservation of vehicles from quote requests

• The repeat purchase rate for existing customers

• The prospect reachability score predicts optimal contact windows

Guidance, advice & expertise

D-AIM’s tasks range from business and methodology consulting to in-house team management to technical achievements. We support the implementation of relationship marketing action plans as well as the use of our customized operational marketing tools, for such things as campaign activation, reminder programming, A/B testing, and performance measurement.

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