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  • Improve by 2 points the repeat purchase rate for new clients
  • 7% increase in sales with a 6% decrease in solicitations


How can they use customer knowledge to support product marketing strategy and personalize communication?


  • Enrich client knowledge to create relevant communication and create a lasting link
  • Guide clients through product repositioning
  • Improve the customer experience
  • Build loyalty and improve customer value


This women’s lingerie brand, with 1.2 million customers, 200 stores in France and Belgium, and an e-commerce site, is repositioning its products and wants to support its loyal customers in this change.



D-AIM has supported the brand for several years in the construction and implementation of its marketing strategy and provides it with knowledge and customer support tools.

Enriched client knowledge

With its data and business expertise, D-AIM has set up and industrialized a “product style” segmentation. Built in synergy with the new product classification, it is based on the analysis of quantitative data and defines homogeneous behavioral factors. The segmentation is updated daily, and our experts conduct an annual analysis of segment transfers to account for seasonality.

Personalization of the product offer

Six segments and their respective profiles were identified (Sexy Classic, Sexy Glamorous, Sexy Shocking, Fashion & Glamor, Essential Sex Appeal, Functional/Essential) and broadcast to the network to better understand client expectations. Combined with the other segmentations deployed for the brand (RFM and promo/bargain-hunter), this allows the brand to customize operations and provide customers with the best product offers.

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