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  • Corrective actions taken at national, regional and even drive-through levels
  • Improved turnover forecasts for each drive-through
  • Selection policies specific to each drive-through
  • Net promotion score (NPS) tracking
  • Customer satisfaction improvement
  • Thanks to the scores managed by D-Predict, the brand is reappropriating customer knowledge and taking control of its actions


How does one develop relevant and agile customer knowledge in the service of operational marketing?


  • Develop greater brand proximity with its consumers
  • Optimize the effectiveness of the relationship strategy and measure the impact of the activity on social networks
  • Monitor the evolution of customer satisfaction and evaluate the impact of the actions put in place to improve it
  • Optimize the product range of each drive-through
  • Fight churn, increase cross-sell and upsell


The leader in drive-through food services in France with nearly 600 drive-throughs, this brand, after seeing resounding success, has entered a more complex phase of its development due to increased competition and relatively low customer loyalty.


Our data expertise and our experience in retail enable us to support the brand in its marketing issues by offering them an analytical approach.

Customer satisfaction

D-AIM uses its business know-how to monitor and improve customer satisfaction by setting up a barometer and several questionnaires. The brand has access to real-time results on the web, as well as summaries with a set of aggregated indicators automatically sent according to various levels of granularity (global, region, store).

Marketing studies

D-AIM carried out numerous studies on behalf of the brand.

• A diagnosis of the brand marketing plan, in order to analyze the performance of the actions taken, accompanied by support in optimizing the relationship marketing strategy.

• A daily turnover forecast model for each drive-through on a regional and national scale, updated monthly.

• Product assortment studies to calculate the potential profit of each drive-through. We determine the ideal drive-through size, both overall and by section.

• A measure of the impact of actions aimed at improving the customer experience when picking up orders on business and on customer satisfaction.

• An analysis of social media presence, to measure the impact on sales that the brand’s social media activity has.

Predictive marketing

D-aim supported the brand in its transition to predictive marketing using the D-Predict® tool. It manages more than 20 scores daily (appeal/cross-sell and attrition, 2nd purchase score) at the section and sub-section level. Updated daily, the scores are used to predict consumer needs and behaviors, identify high-potential customers, and arbitrate offers for customers on a budget.

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