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3% additional income
Investment amortized in 5 months


How can exploiting customer knowledge contribute to improving one’s overall margin?


Better allocate budgets for solicitations and rewards by personalizing customer relationships
Increase brand loyalty
Detect opportunities and select up-sell offers in an individualized way
Create exit barriers by diversifying the shopping cart
Increase the realized margin on products


This leader among supermarkets has more than 1 million customers and a network of more than 70 stores. Customer behavior and expectations are becoming increasingly diverse, and complicate a market marked by strong competition.



D-Predict® manages more than 100 self-learning cross-sell and up-sell scores deployed in 50 departments.

Updated daily, the scores are used to predict consumer needs and behaviors, identify high-potential customers, and arbitrate tenders under budget constraints.

A relationship marketing action plan is defined on the basis of these scores. Ultra-personalized commercial operations are set up on different media (text, email and/or purchase coupons).

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