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  • Deployment of more than 20 micro churn scores
  • Arbitration between 30 offers on 4 scenarios


What mechanisms should be set up to fight against churn? How to use the available customer knowledge to identify the churn warning signs and model these events? What impact on the offer and on the messages?


  • Identify and understand the events leading up to churn (micro churn)
  • Anticipate the behaviour of churners to optimise prevention
  • Design marketing responses adapted to this multitude of different behaviours and implement them: solicit at the right time, with the right speech (context and content) taking into account the client’s singularity (profile, activity, usage, offer, etc.) and his risk of churn


Engaged in its digital transformation, this French press group publishes a national daily newspaper as well as magazines. In this highly competitive sector subject to changes in consumption patterns and high volatility among readers, the fight against digital churn remains a major challenge for all sector actors.



Diagnosis of customer behaviour: identification of dozens of micro churn behaviours – drop in navigation, expiration of credit card, price change, etc

Support: operational use of tools, deployment of relational action plans, animation of business workshops to detail all the micro churns and imagine adapted marketing messages for each micro churn case and each risk level

Increasing customer knowledge:

  • D-Insight: implementation of operational indicators calculated daily based on behaviour, subscription and navigation data, usage preferences (shipping column, device / site, time), overall consumption rate and by theme (RFI: Is the client on track, early or late?)
  • D-PREDICT®: deployment of dozens of predictive micro churn scores : drop in navigation, stop / drop in PDF download, drop in the weight of paid items in consumption…

Prioritization of marketing actions: D-FoX®, powered by enriched knowledge indicators and scores, prioritizes hundreds of different messages and sends the best opportunities to each client on the right channel. In parallel, the implementation of a Universal Control Group allows to measure the performance of the system.

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