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  • A unique customer vision enhanced by predictive knowledge of behaviors and group vision
  • The unified customer vision makes it possible to respond to the challenges of knowledge and to share loyalty and acquisition practices
  • Optimized management of sales pressure at the group level
  • Optimized marketing plan: email opening rate doubled, click rate on display campaigns tripled
  • The autonomy and operational agility of each BU is preserved
  • Teams confidently and efficiently exploit data


In a rapidly changing sector where digital growth is impacting revenues, how can we offer the best customer experience by taking into account business issues to optimize relationships?


  • Retrieve and centralize the dataset to gain a single view of clients
  • Enrich client knowledge to better meet the operational challenges of the market
  • Industrialize customer knowledge by combining descriptive and predictive marketing
  • Maintain management by entity and by BU for the operational as well as the group dimension so as to enrich client knowledge


This leading daily economic newspaper is available in all digital formats with millions of unique monthly visitors to the site. The group consists of two legal entities and various business units.



For several years, D-AIM teams has provided the group with a multidisciplinary team – data scientist, analytical expert, media expert – to support it in its strategy of optimizing customer relations.

A unified client vision

With a huge volume of data divided up in silos, the group wanted to make all this information available to its all of its member entities. Using their data expertise, the D-AIM teams first of all assisted a group entity in this process, creating the CRM database that brought together first the subscription and digital activities, then all the business units.

They then built a common ecosystem uniting all of the group’s BDD.

Enhanced client knowledge

D-AIM teams used the D-Target® counting tool, which allowed the group’s teams to carry out daily targets for their marketing campaigns. Sales pressure rules are put in place at the group and entity level, while allowing for the possibility of managing them according to the nature of the counting.

Accompanied by a CNIL Label-certified consultant specializing in regulations, Inbox also participated in the group’s consideration of data security and its compliance with GDPR.

Predictive marketing

After helping the group build and enrich a descriptive knowledge base of its customers, D-AIM teams accompanied it in its transition to predictive marketing. Several scores were built using machine learning techniques so as to predict the conversion of visitors to registrants, registrants to subscribers, visitors to subscribers. Updated daily, they are used for display campaigns.

Marketing studies

The D-AIM analytics experts carried out numerous studies to enrich the CRM database; they analyzed navigation paths and e-subscription, performed digital segmentation and portfolio simulation, and more.

To enable teams to understand and monitor performance on a daily basis, D-AIM teams implemented analysis reports for campaign performance, subscription monitoring, portfolio monitoring, and navigation tracking.

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