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Triple the click rate for “unknown > registered” scenarios
Double the open rate for “registered > subscribed” scenarios
Triple the click rate on display campaigns


How can I optimize traffic and conversion by customizing commercial offers?


Enhance your knowledge of the ways customers use the website to optimize conversion
Increase the number of people registered for free services to generate advertising revenue
Convert registrants into paying subscribers to generate direct income

Better take advantage of use and loyalty


This highly-regarded daily economic information newspaper, available in all digital formats, has more than 9 million unique monthly visitors to its site.

Print media is in the midst of major change due to the development of digital media, which has impacted both subscription and advertising revenue. It faces two major challenges: halting the decline in paid circulation and compensating for advertising losses.



Using browser data and intelligent indicators, D-Predict® scores visitors daily to predict conversion, optimize scores for display campaigns, etc.

These self-learning scores make it possible to arbitrate under constraints: the probability of conversion by score range (unknown to registered, registered to subscribed, etc.), the economic gain from a conversion, life expectancy estimate, etc.

The deployment of personalized communications (intensity, objective, offer, content, and timing) helps optimize conversion on the site.

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