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  • A unique customer vision enhanced by predictive knowledge of behaviors and group vision
  • Thanks to unified client knowledge, tactical operations and relationship marketing approaches open the way to developing greater brand proximity.
  • Greater relevance, personalization, and performance in relationship coordination
  • For reactivation campaigns built with the D-Predict® score: a 20% decrease in the addressable inactive client population and gain of 8 to 10% in ROI
  • Efficiency, flexibility, and independence for teams in terms of making use of data and coordinating customers


How can we highlight client knowledge to produce a more relevant marketing strategy?


  • Develop a unique 360° vision of the client
  • Enrich client knowledge to better meet the operational challenges of the market
  • Industrialize client knowledge by integrating predictive marketing
  • Customize customer relationships to increase relevance and ROI


This French publisher of mass-market magazines occupies a leading position in the market with 15 publications in France and 81 under international license. In a rapidly changing sector where the development of digital technology is impacting revenues and complicating data management, major challenges have arisen, namely: mastering data internally, developing and retaining audiences and engaging its brand.




D-AIM team provided the group with an expert multidisciplinary operational team to support it in its marketing strategy, which focused on improving CA, increasing loyalty, and digitalization

A unified client vision

D-AIM teams assisted the group in unifying their data. A database centralizing all the data was built. The client database thus created, distributed operationally by activity/title with an array of indicators, makes it possible to respond to the need for knowledge and to share customer loyalty practices while preserving the autonomy of the various entities.

Enriched client knowledge

D-AIM guided the group in the enrichment and use of its data. Our experts deployed the D-Target counting tool, which allows internal teams to gain autonomy and efficiency by managing their campaigns from A to Z – from targeting to sending via D-Campaign® D-AIM teams provided training for the different business profiles that had been using them since day-to-day.

Marketing studies

Our analytical experts conducted numerous studies to enrich the CRM database and better describe customers. These allowed the group to better understand customer behavior and identify “quick wins” so as to take better action and take advantage of the potential of the CRM database.

To enable teams to monitor performance on a daily basis, D-AIM put in place numerous analysis reports, including campaign performance, sales pressure and relationship action plans.

Predictive marketing

The group wanted to integrate predictive marketing into its strategy and D-AIM teams guided it through this transition by deploying the D-Predict® tool, which manages reactivation and appeal scores for automatic payment services. Updated daily, these scores help better understand the client and anticipate future behavior so as to better arbitrate amongst action plans.


D-AIM teams provided its business expertise to build relationship marketing action plans such as the Welcome Pack and renewal. These can include the facilitation of a brainstorming workshop, strategic consulting, and the implementation and construction of a report system that extends to client conversion.

D-AIM teams offered the group comprehensive and up-to-date long-term support while allowing it to reclaim client knowledge and command of its actions.

Accompanied by a CNIL Label-certified consultant specializing in regulations, D-AIM also participated in the group’s consideration of data security and its GDPR compliance.

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