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A unique view of the customer enhanced by predictive knowledge of behaviors and Group vision

Efficiency, flexibility, and autonomy for teams in terms of making use of the data and coordinating customers

Greater relevance and performance in relationship coordination

On reactivation campaigns built with the D-Predict® score:
8% to 10% gain in ROI
20% decrease in addressable inactive clients


How can we highlight customer knowledge to produce a more relevant marketing strategy?


Industrialize customer knowledge by integrating predictive knowledge
Develop a unique 360° vision of the customer to better respond to market operational issues
Customize the customer relationship for more relevance and greater ROI


This French publisher of mass-market magazines occupies a leading position in the market with 15 publications in France and 81 under international license.

In a rapidly changing sector where the development of digital technology is impacting revenues and complicating data management, major challenges have arisen, namely: mastering data internally, developing and retaining audiences, and engaging its brand.



D-AIM supports the Group in the use and enhancement of customer data.

The D-Target® counting tool improves autonomy and efficiency for marketing teams who manage their campaigns from A to Z.

The CRM database is enriched thanks to numerous studies, and analysis reports are set up to monitor daily performance, including campaign performance, commercial pressure, and relationship action plans.

Thanks to unified customer knowledge, the Group can set up tactical operations and personalized relationship axes—timing, offers, content, channels, and so on—in order to develop proximity among the different brands.

With the D-Predict® tool, reactivation and appeal scores are built. Updated daily, they allow one to better understand and anticipate client behavior so as to determine the best plans of action.

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