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  • Unified and enriched client knowledge through segmentation and scores (implemented in 3 months)
  • Deploying them at the CRM level allows agents to obtain customer information in real time
  • Acceleration of the launch process for targeted campaigns
  • Development of new packages that better meet the needs of each segment
  • Accelerated investigation of fraudulent or suspicious files


How can they use data to enrich client knowledge and develop their business?


  • Unify and enrich client knowledge to optimize commercial actions
  • Integrate prediction to better understand behaviors and anticipate customer needs
  • Improve revenue per customer and the contract retention rate
  • Retain the most profitable clients and reactivate inactive customers
  • Anticipate and fight against fraud using advanced analytical measures


This Moroccan insurance company is the market leader, with a database of more than 2 million clients insured. It wants to focus its sales strategy and distribution efforts on loyalty and business development.



D-AIM provided the company with a multidisciplinary team (data scientists and business experts) led by a project manager specializing in the field of insurance and customer knowledge.

A unified client vision

D-AIM teams deployed SAS Model Manager®, SAS Enterprise Guide®, and SAS Enterprise Miner® tools. They then industrialized the data flows from the various platforms of the operational and decision-making IS.

With its analytical expertise, D-AIM teams carried out a complete audit of client data, offering the company a unique customer vision. Then D-AIM put together a behavioral diagnosis of the clients and generated many exploitable insights for the marketing strategy.

Enriched client knowledge

D-AIM teams developed client knowledge enrichment tools to enable the company to direct its marketing and sales activities.

A behavioral segmentation based on several lines of analysis (value, potential, coverage profile, loss ratio, fidelity) was built and industrialized.

Predictive Marketing

Predictive scores designed to combat customer base attrition and improve targeting for cross-selling actions are used daily by the brand.

As part of the fight against fraud, Inbox is responsible for setting up an expert score for suspicion of fraud in automotive customers.


Our business experts guide the company’s teams on a daily basis, from the design of strategic action plans to operational deployment via networking and marketing. Training is provided by Inbox to enable teams to improve their skills on topics such as data science, SAS tools and customer value management (CVM).

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