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Each one of your customers is unique and deserves to have an individualized experience.
D-AIM is a revolutionary tool which allows you to arbitrate and select, for each customer,
the best opportunity (relational offers, informational…) at the best moment and via the best channel: You limitlessly expand relational possibilities, thanks to the power of AI.
D-AIM addresses your challenges, while taking into consideration your constraints/objectives, thus allowing marketers to unleash their creativity to create tens, if not hundreds or thousands of communication opportunities.
If you would like to know more about this futuristic tool which will revolutionize the customer-marketing, contact us !

Individualized Marketing

Expand and prioritize the possibilities of marketing actions in order to offer the best experience to your customers.

Predictive marketing

Create, industrialize, and manage predictive scores with full autonomy.

Deterministic Marketing

Identify multi-sim subscribers in order to increase their individual market share.

Deterministic Marketing

Build and industrialize advanced customer-knowledge indicators.

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