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In 2020, Inbox becomes a software publisher D-AIM! 

Corporate news / 20 January 2020

Since 2017, Inbox has been operating a shift in its activity by bringing a revolutionary AI marketing solution to the market. This change of activity is accompanied by change of name: Inbox becomes D-AIM.

A brand change heralding an exciting year 2020!

A new decade, a new name, a new offer and a new role, Stéphane Amarsy and Marilyn Courtois Perin, the two co-founders of Inbox, opened a new era of Marketing Intelligence in SaaS mode.

After moving to new offices in Malakoff last August, Inbox has decided to be reborn under D-AIM, a software editor.

“We decided to become a software publisher because our vision, confirmed by several discussions with various players, partners and customers, has proven that tomorrow’s marketing will be 80% algorithmic. Our goal was and remains to optimize the inbound and outbound customer relationship using machine learning technology. The objective is to consider and act intelligently on the singularity of each customer”, underlines Stéphane Amarsy.

This new status gives D-AIM the opportunity to explore new sectors, with complementary offer providers or service companies, and to strengthen its position in the historical sectors: Telecoms, media, retail and banking.

A unique “all-in-one” individual marketing offer boosting the digital transformation of businesses

D-AIM is the result of three years of reflection and intense work by R&D, engineers and sales staff. After having designed and marketed D-KYC, D-Predict and D-FoX, each one responding to a specific issue, D-AIM introduces AI for the customer experience.

“For the past three years, we have been working closely with our R&D team to make a 360-degree turn and offer the “all-in-one” to our customers. We are now able to automatically and intelligently carry out marketing operations adapted to the business goals of the company. Where marketing teams traditionally carry out actions based on information and indicators provided by BI solutions and DMPs, D-AIM takes it one step further by choosing from billions of opportunities and actionable steps. We are finally entering the era of one-to-one marketing. “adds Stéphane Amarsy.

Our D-AIM solution, which has just been introduced to the market, already has a first customer and two pilots.

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