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AI and data science put at the service of marketers

Whatever their needs and experience level in terms of customer knowledge, marketers must now cope with exponential data volumes. However, they no longer have the means to manually manage all possible relationships that are available to consumers. Only artificial intelligence can help them manage and decide.

D-AIM® has therefore given itself the mission of making data available to marketers. D-AIM® is a “creator” of unique software that addresses all issues related to customer marketing.

Thanks to the power of new embedded technologies, our solutions make it possible to pilot actions beyond human capabilities. But you do not have to be a data scientist to use them. The D-AIM® tools therefore become reliable operational employees!

We believe that intelligently combining technology and human will allow us all to meet the challenges of tomorrow’s marketing.

Our values

In constant pursuit of innovation, we devote a lot of energy and investment to the development of our products and in R & D, in order to bring ever greater satisfaction to our customers.

Our teams, enthusiastic about the adventure offered by the cloud, big data, and artificial intelligence, are passionate about their jobs. We pay attention to career paths and value the ability of our employees to learn and actively contribute to the efficiency of all. The desire to experience a real human and technological adventure is a fundamental criterion for joining D-AIM®!

Innovation is our vocation, the agility of our organization is our strength, and the satisfaction of our customers, our raison d’etre.

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