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    Capitalize on data driven.Capitalize on data driven.
  • Let the human
    Combine human intelligence and artificial intelligence.Combine human intelligence and artificial intelligence.
  • Combiner intelligence humaine et intelligence artificielle.
    AI to help
    Tame new technologies!Tame new technologies!
  • Une expérience à la hauteur des envies de chaque individu.
    The Graal of
    customer experience
    An experience up to the desires of each individual.An experience up to the desires of each individual.

Our business is to build customer knowledge indicators, thanks to artificial intelligence, that provide operational intelligence on 3 levels: deterministic, predictive, and decisional.

This ultra-powerful software is adapted to the specific concerns and culture of each company in order to assist you in improving your customer knowledge and crafting an ultra-personalized customer relationship.

D-AIM®, the AI at the service of the customer experience

D-AIM®, the AI at the service of the customer experience

The shift in consumption patterns is forcing companies to integrate the new marketing paradigm of taking the customer, rather than the product, as the starting point. Individual clients deserve an experience commensurate with their own desires and preferences, which multiplies the number of relational opportunities.

No more mass approach trying to convince the greatest number—make way for ultra-personalized messages and relationships. Companies must be able to create millions of unique and highly effective connections between their brand and their customers. A marketing revolution via intelligent data management. Because only new technologies, and especially artificial intelligence, can automate decisions and manage so many interactions. The key lies in knowing how to master these new tools!

Keep humans at the helm

Keep humans at the helm

Convinced that it is the combination of human intelligence and artificial intelligence that allows us to better understand reality, we chose to inject business knowledge into our solutions, in addition to the technological power offered by data science. Our solutions have been created so that marketers remain in control and continue to make decisions. Intuitive, universal, and scalable, the software facilitates customer experience management! With their power to model, industrializ, and deliver, D-AIM® solutions allow brands to unleash their creativity and focus on their added value.

Our performance in figures

6%-20% additional turnover

2 Million € non-channeling savings

2000 opportunities managed per day

10 minutes to create a new score

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